Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pool time with friends I

Pool time with friendsPool time with friendsPool time with friendsPool time with friendsPool time with friends

I have written many times about one of my favourite spots in Sydney: Wylies Baths.

And so it was no surprise that we tried to go and swim in the pool and hangout out there a bit before we left Sydney. One hot Saturday morning, we went with our great friends Mel and Polo. We found a nice corner in the shade and spent a few hours, chatting, reading & refreshing in the pool.

It's those days I think of a lot.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cool Blue

Cool Blue Another one from Coogee beach on a hot Spring day. I remember it was one of the first warm days and the beach was packed with people enjoying the cool water and the warm sun on their skin.
I wish I could walk into the picture and go for a nice swim

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Aarhus - Rainbow Panorama

AarhusYour Rainbow Panorama by Olafur EliassonYour Rainbow Panorama by Olafur EliassonYour Rainbow Panorama by Olafur EliassonYour Atomospheric Colour Atlas by Olafur ElisassonYour Atomospheric Colour Atlas by Olafur ElisassonYour Atomospheric Colour Atlas by Olafur ElisassonYour Atomospheric Colour Atlas by Olafur ElisassonYour Atomospheric Colour Atlas by Olafur Elisasson One thing I like about being back in Europe is that traveling is so easy. Within a few hours only you are in a different country, which is why we are already making some plans for trips this year. In January I took the train to visit a dear friend and her family in Aarhus, Denmark. I love traveling by train, when you see the landscape 'flying' by and can just be with your thoughts a book/podcast and maybe also some knitting.

I spent three days there and we walked around the city which is super lovely with its small streets and cute stores, had great coffee at La Cabra, went for a swim and into the sauna at the new bath and of course also had a look around the Modern Museum called ARoS. It is not a huge museum but I loved that there were lots of kids exploring the art, too. They particularly also loved the 'Your rainbow Panorama" by Olafur Eliasson as much as I did. Unfortunately my film camera ran out of battery and so I wasn't able to capture this great experience on film but my phone photos will also give you an idea of this place.

If you happen to be in Arhus, make sure to check 'Your atomospheric colour atlas' and 'Your rainbow panorama" the two artworks by Eliasson's at ARoS.

Have a great Easter weekend,

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Random shots, Sydney AustraliaRandom shots, Sydney AustraliaRandom shots, Sydney AustraliaRandom shots, Sydney Australia

Four random shots I took in Sydney, I like how the colours fit together somehow and how every shot is transporting memories with it - one reason why I love photography so much.

#1 milk crates waiting to get picked up on our old street, I saw them most days when I walked to work and always loved their colours
#2 My walk to work was a beautiful 40 minutes walk through the botanic gardens along the water, through the city and crossing a bridge. This one I took one day on my way there.
#3 Waratah's at our local market in Potts Point, I adore their colour and shape. Such a beautiful flower.
#4 A typical Saturday lunch at our house in Sydney

While typing this it is raining and very windy here in Hamburg. The trees outside our house are moving intensely and the sky is grey. The little person is sleeping on my lap since an hour and it is one of the best feelings. It has been a very quiet day and we are enjoying this. We already had a few nice Sping-ish days and I am so excited and look forward to going out for long walks and away to the sea for the weekend and to wearing t-shirt and sandals....

> Have you listened to the new Sufjan Stevens album (Carrie & Lowell), its so beautiful.
>> Jamie Oliver is such a legend, I just signed his petition to educate kids better about food.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Coogee Beach

Coogee, Sydney AustraliaCoogee, Sydney AustraliaCoogee, Sydney AustraliaCoogee, Sydney Australia

Oh Sydney, I miss you, your amazing light, rock pools, beaches and different shades of blue.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Calm Clovelly

Clovelly, Sydney AustraliaClovelly, Sydney Australia

When I got the roll of film back and looked through the photos I had to go back and look at those two pictures a few times. I really like how calm they are. Especially when you know how crowded Clovelly beach can be on a hot Summers day, but on this Spring day the lifeguards are not busy and just chat while walking along the water and also just a handful of people are enjoying the first warm rays of sun at the water.

Spring has also arrived here in Hamburg and I am taking photos here and there and hope to show you some of them soon. Everything is a little more slow these days :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bondi - on a sunny Spring day

Bondi, AustraliaBondi, AustraliaBondi, AustraliaBondi, AustraliaBondi, AustraliaBondi, Australia

A few weeks before we left Australia I went to Bondi to do the coastal walk one last time before our move. I have walked this beautiful walk so many times and it just never gets old. It is such a stunning thing to do while being in Sydney. So here are a few photos from Bondi beach, the famous Icebergs pool and just a few of the wonderful view of the water and sky.

The last weeks here in Germany have been quiet exciting. Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know that I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl Matilda Lotte last Sunday. It was such an intense and wonderful experience and we are enjoying the first days with our new family member very much. It is so nice to slowly get to know each other and to realize that we are now three and not two anymore.

In other news, Will and I are also trying to write more regularly on our little food (project) blog Mostly Saturdays.